About us

Digital Evolution Sverige (org. 8106174835, VAT registered in Sweden) was founded in the year 2000. We handmake custom leather and electronic wares. Lighting, masks, wearables and everything in-between.

Our aim is to combine the oldest of materials and techniques with the most modern of technology. An eclectic mix of leather and microprocessors.

We're based in the small city of Lund in southern Sweden.


We use vegetable tanned Swedish leather which is tanned using tannins (the tart flavour of red wine) and other vegetable matters including bark, wood, leaves, fruits and roots. The surface is either finished with tree resin or a bees wax coating, depending on what is appropriate. Yes, we're that focused on staying in keeping with the tradition of leatherworking. Every piece is measured, cut, stamped and pierced by hand.

Waxed linen thread is the only type we use and we almost exclusively use what is commonly called two needle stitching (also referred to as saddle stitching). It's been found in use by the roman legions on goatskin tents dating it at well over 2000 years, time has tested it and it has withstood. This interlocking threading locks each stitch at every hole ensuring that if one gets caught on something and tears it only affects that particular one, not the entire side.

When dying we only use natural spirit based dyes. They're what you expect and how colour has been extracted since the dawn of time. You boil ingredients yielding the colour you desire and keep destilling until it's finally suspended in an alcohol base. We do not use toxic or artificial oil based dyes.

Edges are dyed with the same spirit dye which ensures deep saturation and not just a superficial coating on the outer layer. Bees wax is applied to the edge and then vigorously rubbed with wood. This process heats up the edge due to friction which melts the wax, bonding it with the leather which seals the dye in and creates a very smooth, even edge. Occasionally we will use tree sap from legumes of the genus Astralgus.


We're fully RoHS compliant which means no lead, cadmium or any other restricted, toxic substances. The solder flux we use is free of halids. Every trace on the circuit boards are measured automatically and double-checked by hand to ensure there's no problems.

We do everything we can to make sure the components we use in our designs are sourced from companies that treat their employees fairly. The vast majority is sourced from european and american entities. We've generally found this to not just be ethical but drastically reduces the likelihood of failure due to poor quality assurance.

Contact us

We spend most of our time carving leather and soldering circuits but you can always reach us via telephone, e-mail and, if the stars align, on skype. Don't worry about us pushing you to buy something, we won't even ask. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, I know the phrase is used and abused but "we would really love to hear from you".