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If you notice that our products don't seem to react to your touch, or does it seemingly randomly but they work fine when other people use them then you might have a condition that is rather comically referred to as "zombie fingers". Dealing with this condition is one I have a great deal of experience with since my better half suffers from it.

Most of our day to day lives use capacitive sensing in one way or another, our smartphones, our microwaves, even some of our dishwashers. I've designed specific thresholds to attempt to detect if the user has lower than usual capacitance but it's completely individual and impossible to solve programmatically. Capacitive sensing relies upon the tip of your finger being conductive, sometimes a residual build-up of dead skin cells, oil or grease can prevent this.

The easiest "fix" is to scratch the tip of the finger you're using with a fingernail, this will scrape off a lot of residue. While it's not something I'd recommend, although entirely harmless, you can also dampen the tip of your finger by exhaling on it.